1. Introduction
  2. Probability — A Theoretical Approach
  3. Summary

Maths ( Probability )

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Chapter 15- Probability

Complete Understanding of Probability!

Probability is the study of the chance of happening something. Various situations and cases change the chance of the things that happen around us. The study of probability allows you to understand those chances. Hence, the chapter is included in the CBSE curriculum of class 10th.

At ScoreX™, you find an effective course of the ncert solutions for class 10th maths chapter 15. Our course is designed to make probability much simpler to understand.

What is the format of this chapter course?

In our course of the class 10 ncert solutions for maths chapter probability, you attain a complete knowledge of the topic with examples and practice opportunities.

Here is what you can expect in our chapter course:

1. Introduction

The introduction of the probability is provided with the help of suitable examples. This way, you attain the foundation of the topic, which helps you in the further studies of the chapter.

2. Probability — A Theoretical Approach

There are many events that don’t have certainty. The study of those events comes under probability. The idea of probability completely depends on the likeliness of something happening. The cases such as the toss of a coin, throwing a dice, and others come under the theoretical study. The understanding of the problem depends widely on the care you take while reading the words.

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