Why teach with ScoreX™

ScoreX™ is a growing learning community you should be part of. Apart from earning handsomely you will also get to meet and interact with various people, get trained on variety of areas thereby increasing your market potential and meeting and guiding young minds. The reasons why should teach with us are many but to list a few:

  • Connect and teach from any location with a simple computer and a good internet.
  • Earn well in part-time or full time
  • Meet and Guide young minds
  • Cet trained and be a ScoreX™ certified trainer
  • Create success stories

Earning Potential

At ScoreX™ you can look at earning a handome renumeration only by teaching few hours/day. The more you are available the more you earn. What's better, we get the students for you leaving you with almost no overheads. But, yes we only like the teachers who are passionate and committed.

and you can look at earning almost


per month by teaching just 4 hours/day*



by teaching full time on all days.*

*The figures may vary from the above mentioned figures depending upon number of hours and rating of trainers as rated by ScoreX™

Expectations from Teachers:

At ScoreX™, we provide an excellent platform to teachers to increase their visibility and market reach and thereby an opportunity to earn really well. This also means in return we have some basic expectations from our teachers:

Commitment and Passion

Teacher should be committed to the hours of teaching and should have a passion for teaching. He or She should be the one who not only loves to teach but also mentor the students and make learning fun and exciting

Exceptional Content Knowledge

Teacher should have great knowledge on the subject he or she is looking to teach with us. He should have cleared our process to be listed at ScoreX™.

Avaialble for Onborarding, Training & Certification

Teacher should be available for our training program which leads to our highly valued in-house SETTP Certification. He or she will have to go through a pre-screening test, training on delivery and technology.

Process Oriented

Teacher should be process oriented and should follow our well researched process and pedagogy.

Minimum Availability

Teacher should commit to be available for minimum of 3 hours/day on ScoreX™ platform i.e. myscorex.com

The Process to be a ScoreX™ trainer:

Our process is rather simple but highly structured and comprehensive.

  • - Apply online or mail your resume at becometeacher@myscorex.com
  • - Screening of Profile by our academic experts
  • - Appear for an online/offline test and telephonic/web/live interview
  • - Onboard training, certification and demos
  • - Get listed and start earning…Awesome!


How long does it take to get listed on ScoreX™?

The process of getting listed on ScoreX™ is extremely simple and quick. You just need to follow our above listed process and within a week of it you get listed

What subjects are offered at ScoreX™?

A student at ScoreX™ can take online tuitions either personalized(1on1) or batch in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Foreign Languages, Social Studies and Computer Science. We are also in the process of shortly introducing our premium test preparations courses. You can look to teach any or all of the listed subjects depending on which subjects & boards (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB) you get certified for under our training program.

How much does an average teacher earn on ScoreX™?

Though answer to this question lies in your own availability with us but on an average, teachers can look to earn 20,000/- per month by teaching 3 hours per day for the entire month on our platform. If a teacher teaches well and has a high student rating then the corresponding remuneration also goes up. This will now depend on how many students are allocated to you and if you are a an awesome trainer then our system will offer you more and more students to teach.

How long does it take to get listed on ScoreX™?

The process of getting listed on ScoreX™ is extremely simple and quick. You just need to follow our above listed process and within a week of it you get listed

What are my responsibilities at ScoreX™ as a Teacher?

We expect all of our teachers to be strong in content and knowledge of their subject area. They should be committed to teaching and passionate for mentoring young minds. They should be ethical and professional and should use our platform to earn while imparting knowledge and spreading education.

If interested mail you resume to becometeacher@myscorex.com or fill the form below: